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From Chicago to Stockholm…

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For the first time since I have been here I can honestly say that I loooove Chicago, this windy city that is known for its magnificent glass and steel architecture, its wonderful museums, and its fabulous mag mile.


And though those are all great reasons to love this city – my love for this city is because SAS offers direct flights to Stockholm!!
It’s been a couple of years since my last vacay and being in Sweden this time was the most relaxing vacation that I have had in a very long time! My only complaint was that I missed my partner in crime/travel companion Cassius Wellington (my little Yorkie who has taken several road trips with me in the States) if you are a dog lover you can read about his attempt to come to Sweden with me in Trans Europe Express: To Sweden We Go

After spending long hot, humid, summer days working, 7 days a week, up until two days before I left I just wanted a relaxing vacation. Joakim and I decided we would not plan anything so instead we were totally spontaneous and lived in the moment! Since we had no plans I was able to see a completely different side of Sweden – instead of seeing Jönköping and Stockholm I spent my time between Mariestad and Torsö! As a city girl, at heart, I was surprised at how much I connected to these less busy areas of Sweden! Perhaps it was because I was exhausted and a bit stressed from living in Chicago.

In any event Mariestad is a quaint town that is surrounded by water and historic architecture- there is also a museum, an art gallery, a theater, and several cafés - so it is sort of a small town with a big city heart!

Mariestad.jpgMariestad_3.jpg Mariestad_4.jpg Mariestad_-_Teatre.jpg Mariestad_7.jpg

And how can I explain Torsö – I guess it reminded me of being on a farm that is situated on a lake, or perhaps an island! The road to Torsö is long and narrow but the land is vast and green, and covered with farm animals! Sitting on the pier at the summer house was one of the most serene moments that I have experienced thus far in all of my travels!

Torso.jpgTorso_2.jpgTorso_4__Pigs.jpg D352D5792219AC681758052DE42E330B.jpg

As this was my second visit to Sweden it was so different then my first visit, but still incredibly enjoyable! I felt very comfortable and relaxed and though I do enjoy spending time in the city there was something about this trip that was very rejuvenating – I am now refreshed and ready to tackle my second year of graduate school.


Tack så for visiting and stayed tuned!

puss och kram (xox)

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God Natt Stockholm

och älskar dej älskling!

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When we got back to the hotel - we were totally exhausted!

But we went back out - because there was an amazing photography exhibtion - "Rites of Life" we saw some of it today, but thought it would be great to see at night! These pictures do not do the exhibit justice...but visit the web site the link is on the right hand side under Favorite Links! :)






The last shot!

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Our Last Full Day!

No Plans = A Pleasant Surprise

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Today we slept in because after hanging out with Anna-Karin och Alfredo last night we got back to our room around 2am!

When we woke up we had a wonderful brunch, went back to our room and took a long nap. Around 2pm we decided to take a walk on the harbor near the hotel!



Being Silly!


Next - walking to a small Island called Djurgrden!

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Road Trip: Stockholm


Today, we travelled from Mariestad back to Stockholm!

After we checked into the hotel we went walking through a huge market, this is one view from the outside.

The inside of the market was amazing - it reminded me of the Washington, DC Dean & Deluca, but on steriods! ;)

The next day we got up early because we had a lot of territory to cover in a few short hours! Stevie Wonder at the Globen coming soon!




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Mariestad is the Place to Be

Hommage to the Green Acres TV Show Them Song!


Mariestad is the place to be garden living is the life for me land spreading out so far and wide...

Today is cold och cloudy! We drove around Mariestad and went down to the harbor which is full of boats - everyone in Mariestad has a boat!

Here is one picure of Joakim in the garden - picking veggies & herbs for dinner tonight - "yummo"!

One of J's favorite past time is spending it on his boat...

This is the back of the house with a plum och apple tree.

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