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Road Trip: Stockholm


Today, we travelled from Mariestad back to Stockholm!

After we checked into the hotel we went walking through a huge market, this is one view from the outside.

The inside of the market was amazing - it reminded me of the Washington, DC Dean & Deluca, but on steriods! ;)

The next day we got up early because we had a lot of territory to cover in a few short hours! Stevie Wonder at the Globen coming soon!


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Road Trip: Jönköping

Visiting Agneta och Jonas


Today we went to Jönkoping, to visit Joakim's sister Agneta! Agneta och Jonas have a fabulous home in the suburbs of Jönkoping...


This is a view of the back of their house - we were standing on the top deck!


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Mariestad is the Place to Be

Hommage to the Green Acres TV Show Them Song!


Mariestad is the place to be garden living is the life for me land spreading out so far and wide...

Today is cold och cloudy! We drove around Mariestad and went down to the harbor which is full of boats - everyone in Mariestad has a boat!

Here is one picure of Joakim in the garden - picking veggies & herbs for dinner tonight - "yummo"!

One of J's favorite past time is spending it on his boat...

This is the back of the house with a plum och apple tree.

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Tack så Mycket Cody


As I prepare to leave in less than an hour I felt compelled to blog! I am at peace before I travel for the first time of my adult life...this sense of peace does not come without a sacrifice. This sense of peace comes as a part of what might be a phase of my grieving process…

As most of you know for nine of the most important part of my adult years my number one side kick was Cody! And like many people, being that I grew up with dogs, I treated them as if they were people - with the exception of allowing them in the kitchen, eating off of them, and sharing kisses in the mouth! Cody was one important factor to why I did not travel - though I can count the number of times I left him with friends/family or in a posh pet resort on one hand, during those travels my goal was to get back to him as soon as possible!

I really need to acknowledge him, because if he were with me now I am not sure how this trip would have manifested - there might be lots of drama!

Below is a digital image of Cody that was a work in progress (the end result a series of three black & white images with three powerful quotes) created by the very talented North Carolina artist Mikel Robinson...


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From Washington to Stockholm

My First Trip to Europe!

"Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try and understand each other, we may even become friends." - Maya Angelou

I am very excited for my first trip to Europe. This is a very special trip because as most of you know I have fallen in love with a Swede (Joakim, aka J, aka, Sotnos, aka so many other names that I will not share at this time...)! Therefore, this first trip is even more exciting because I will meet J's family, see the town of Maristad - where Joakim is from, and visit Stockholm! Needless to say I am very excited because to top it all off J has gotten us tickets to see Stevie Wonder in Stockholm!

This is my first trip to Europe, but Joakim has spent the past several years travelling around the world (for work and for fun)! There are so many places that we plan to visit, many are places that J wants to share with me and many are places that we will explore for the first time together.

This blog will document the next chapter of our life together as we travel around the world discovering new people, new places and new cultures, and it will consists of stories and photos of the things we most appreciate including: architecture, art, history, food & wine, music och waterways! We also hope this blog will be the best way to share our sojourns with our friends & family who are sprinkled around the world!

Please enjoy!

Puss och Kram (Hugs and Kisses)


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