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Tack så Mycket Cody


As I prepare to leave in less than an hour I felt compelled to blog! I am at peace before I travel for the first time of my adult life...this sense of peace does not come without a sacrifice. This sense of peace comes as a part of what might be a phase of my grieving process…

As most of you know for nine of the most important part of my adult years my number one side kick was Cody! And like many people, being that I grew up with dogs, I treated them as if they were people - with the exception of allowing them in the kitchen, eating off of them, and sharing kisses in the mouth! Cody was one important factor to why I did not travel - though I can count the number of times I left him with friends/family or in a posh pet resort on one hand, during those travels my goal was to get back to him as soon as possible!

I really need to acknowledge him, because if he were with me now I am not sure how this trip would have manifested - there might be lots of drama!

Below is a digital image of Cody that was a work in progress (the end result a series of three black & white images with three powerful quotes) created by the very talented North Carolina artist Mikel Robinson...


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